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Indian Breakfasts vs Western Breakfasts Vhich One Is So Heavy

Indian breakfast

It is heavy on Carbs unlike a continental one. But then it can be a very good way to kick start the day. But today we are going to discuss some of indian breakfast and western breakfast. We can say Indian breakfasts so heavy as compared to the Western ones? someone can say yes and other one can say No its not like that…
Okay lets discuss some of indian breakfast and some of western breakfast hear…

We could think of perfectly great, light and healthy Indian breakfasts like Idli and Sambar, dosa, Poha, Upma, Pongal, Appam and egg curry, Puttu and Kadala curry, Thepla, Dhokla, Patra, Kadubu, Cheela etc..


India having had a rich tradition of producing and consuming rice, wheat, vegetables and spices, most of the meals consist of items prepared from these produces. Depending on the type of agricultural land and climate, the consumption ratio between rice and wheat based products vary from region to region.

Items like bread, jam, butter, corn flakes, oats, noodles etc came to India in phases during several foreign rules. Even though they have become integral part of Indians’ breakfast menu in the modern times, the essence of Indian cuisine still remains same. In india Punjabis love to start their day with yummy paranthas, Bengalis love their doi-chire-kola-mishti or luchi-torkari, Marathis love their kanda-poha, down south they swear by idlis, dosas and vada and so on…

Lets talking about western and other breakfast dish other then India. Minor variants of these can be seen in Ireland, Scotland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Breakfasts in East Africa often have chicken soup, chapati, mandazi, gonja, beef stew, eggs, sausages, fruit and tea.

A typical continental breakfast is also heavy with slices of cheese and cold meat, cereal, fruit and coffee / tea / fruit juice.

So we can not say indian breakfast is heavy, In fact we are not sure that a plate of Poha (Flattened rice) is actually a heavy breakfast. It is not only India where breakfasts are heavy.
There is a logic to the saw that goes
Breakfast like a king.
Lunch like a prince.
Dinner like a pauper.
Source Quora