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Hey Good News for you ….. we know what you all are thinking .. About Good News …… Ok I will tell you…. Sure…..Ready….. lol…………

We know that we all get happy with delicious & healthy , Yummy , Nutricious , Spicy , FOOD.. hahahaha 🙂
So here it comes for you …

We all know that food is the only think which can make all us Happy. & Without Food we can’t exist, we can’t celebrate , we can’t chat & even we can’t watch & play …So Food is the main attraction of all these life activity.



are bringing you for all , Delicious , Healthy & Nutricious food. We know that we all love Streat food like Pizza, burger , chips , chinese , cold-drinks & stuff like that. But we also know that these street food are not as much healthy but we still love it. So if we love somethink than why don’t we make them healthier so we are bringing here for you the same street food but not in Street 🙂 & even in more healthier , tastier & spicy way we love all….

FoodGuruz are here to give you all the best receipes in the way you want so that you can enjoy the food & moments spend more happily & can give the same happiness to others. We are not Masterchefs but we tries to give you , what you love & what you want 🙂 but in more healthy style so that your Happiness can live foreever…:-)

Also when we talk about Healthy Diet we have to compromise with our taste to make our body fit but hey don’t sad we are here to solve this situation. 🙂 We will try to give you the same Healthy Diet with more & more information about delicious food as you want… 🙂

We know you love Food like Chinese , Punjabi , Italian , American , Indian & lot more so we are here to deliver you the same but with more Taste & in Healthy way…. 🙂

So what you are waiting for come here we are waiting to deliver information about what you love.. Sorry we are waiting , actually you all are waiting for something like this………… 🙂 SOOOOOOOOooooo Here we come……………………. 🙂