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What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit?

We all are aware with fruits right ? Generally we are seeing many fruits in our regular life like banana, mango, oranges etc right ? but did you see any fruits which are not looking normal ? shocked right ? We are also.

Today we are going to share some amazing fruits picture which can you see first time in your life. These are amazing to see so you can imagine what happen when you eat..!!!

Let me show you some of them:


Also called “brain vegetables.” It is said that in the three shiny black seeds white flesh / yellow, which is the edible part are surrounded by a pear-shaped fruit.


What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit? 1


When you first time looking at Physalis it will look like small orange. it encased in a papery husk. Its uses are similar to those of a tomato, but i am sure when you see that you wish that you want to eat once in your life.

What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit? 2

African horned cucumber

“Fruit Blowfish” in the US with interior looks like a spiky oval melon and cucumber and zucchini tastes like a cross between.

What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit? 3


Rambutan is a pretty odd looking fruit. They grow in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Closely related to lychee and longan.

What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit? 4

Snake Skin Fruit

Salacha 20 species of native palms of Indonesia is one of the genre. They are very short palm stems with leaves up to 6-8 meters long. The leaves have a spiny stem; In most species they are pinnate with numerous leaflets, but some species, notably S. magnifica, left undivided.
fruit plants grow based on clusters, and many species are edible, scaly reddish brown white pulp and the skin covered two large inedible seeds. Salak (S zalacca) the most widely fruit species, which is slightly acidic taste for.

What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit? 5

Chocolate Vine Fruit

Akebia quinata (the chocolate vine Akebia or five sheets) is a shrub that Japan, China and Korea originated. It grows to a height of 10 meters or more, and compound leaves with five leaflets. Raceme inflorescence in cluster with three or four sepals and are flavored with chocolate. garlic sausage-shaped fruits are edible pulp.
The seeds are littered with thin cord but has a sweet taste, so they are playing Japan in the old days in the countryside used to be enjoyed by children. Rind, with a slightly bitter taste, vegetables, such as those used and minced meat stuffed fried. Vines traditionally used for basketry.

What Is The Weirdest Looking Fruit? 6

Above are really amazing right ? if you know any other which you want to share than you can comment bellow.