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Some Typical Russian Breakfast

Today We are going to discuss about Russian Breakfast. We all knows that Breakfast is most important for our health and it is very necessary for start our day with full enjoyment. Very famous and the most important Russian breakfast is warm sweet kasha. It’s easy to eat and digest, it fills you up with warmth and brings you back to life. Also, they are quick to make. Most of cafes and restaurants in Russia serve kasha in the morning time.

Lets discuss some of them.

Lets discuss about Morning kashas. Morning kashas are usually cooked on milk. Some butter is added when the kasha is ready. Often they are served with jam.


Oatmeal porridge (ie cereal) that either the ground, has been crushed, steel, cut, or made of rolled. Ground oats also “white oats” is called. Steel cut oats “coarse oatmeal” or “Irish porridge” or “extremity oats as” known.

Some Typical Russian Breakfast 1


Traditionally made for children. Although many kids hate it. But some, like myself, love it right from the start. It is white and looks like magic.

Some Typical Russian Breakfast 2

Millet porridge

But unfortunately it takes long time to make. So you need a babushka to cook it for you.

Buckwheat porridge with milk

Buckwheat is truly universal thing in Russia. You can eat it with meat, with mushrooms, or with milk and sugar

Wheat porridge

Wheat porridge has some hard pieces in it which are always nice to chew.

Some Typical Russian Breakfast 3

While most breakfasts in America or France (for example) are cold and sugary, Russians prefer warm and filling meals just like lunch and dinner. It could be some kasha (including oatmeal), sandwiches, omelets etc..