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What are Some Side Dishes for Pizza

While in many ways pizza is the perfect social food, but we can say that pizza should be accompanied by a salad or nothing. There are many other lettuce varieties and my favourite is Red Oak Leaf, a very tasty variety that grows huge heads. If you want something to drink with a quality pizza at home , we’d choose a Primitivo wine from Sicily or an ice cold can of Diet Coke, if someone don’t want alcohol, Primitivo is the same grape variety as Zinfandel, so a good red Californian Zinfandel would also do nicely but it’s much more expensive
Here is a list of the sides we sell on a regular basis:

Polenta chips with honey and mustard dressing

What are Some Side Dishes for Pizza 1

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Breaded calamari with a caesar dressing


Mixed leaf salad with cucumber, vine tomatoes and house dressing

A buffalo mozzerella salad with santos tomatoes, pesto, cracked black pepper and a sprig of fresh basil

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Coleslaw infused with beetroot



Mini potato nocciola balls



Santos and vine tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, surfine capers and croutons marinated with extra virgin olive oil, basil and balsamic vinegar

What are Some Side Dishes for Pizza 2