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Some Indian cuisine do foreigners love the most

Lets discuss some of the Indian cuisine that foreigners love the most… India is best known among foreigners for its rich cultural heritage and lavish spicy cuisines. You travel across any part of the country, be it North, South, East or West, you will definitely come across stunning new flavors and mouth watering preparations.
This foreigner’s favorite Indian foods are probably the following, though the small amount of Indian street food that I’ve eaten (mostly in London food markets) has also been excellent. However, most Westerners prefer generic meat curries, samosas, naans and sweet lassies.


Ras malai or rossomalai is a sweetmeat consumed mainly in India. Ras Malai, cotton soft cheese in a creamy milk sauce, is a delectable Indian dessert. Ras Malai is a delicious and perfect end to any Indian meal. you can Make it for your next party or holiday celebration!!! Traditional sweets are usually prepared during festive occasions, Ras malai is also famous outside india.

Mango lassi

Being an Indian, this surprised us the most when we go outside the india and Back to India, mango lassi is a nondescript drink, I mean, its tasty and some people occasionally drink it, but here in the States, Holy Mother of God! Mango Lassi everywhere! Every single Indian restaurant across the country seems to sell Mango Lassi as if it is the single most staple item of Indian cuisine!

Dal Baati

Dal Baati is an Indian dish comprising dal and baati. It is popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Dal bati is a popular Rajasthani delicacy. Dal is simply soup of mixed lentils, cooked with spices. Bati is a baked, whole wheat bread rolls and the combination is known as dal bati. Traditionally bati is cooked over charcoal, but oven also works great.

Palak Paneer

Most of my American and European friends love ‘Indian Food’, though it is ‘Spicy’ for their taste. But, if given a chance to choose from the variety of options….they’d definitely go for Indian cuisine. But, some of the foreigners love this dish to such an extent, that she can literally have it 365 days a year and without any flat bread to go with it. And the explanation that she gives for it…..’Spinach’ in any form is ‘Great for health’.


Samosa! Does this snack need any introduction? Originally one of Mumbai’s favorite roadside snacks, it is now so famous across the country that it is available in almost every bakery, restaurant and tea stall. While it is possible to make quicker versions with ready made patty sheets, this recipe is about how to make it from scratch including the ajwain flavoured dough and the scrumptious potato stuffing!