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Some Healthy Ways To Eat Desserts While On a Diet

some healthy ways to eat desserts while on a diet – We always searching for something like this right ? When you are on a diet and crave for desserts, the most important part is to trick your own mind. Stick to fruit sugars. DO NOT add any sugar or butter to your desserts.
For instance, try these

Fruit Pops

A very interesting way of tricking your mind into thinking that you are having dessert, while you actually are just have frozen fruits. Have fun with these, you can make gazillion different combinations with different colours and tastes.

Some Healthy Ways To Eat Desserts While On a Diet 1

Banana based Ice Cream

Banana is admittedly one of those fruits which one should not have too much of while on a diet. But banana ice cream is certainly low on calories as compared to the real ice cream. The process is- slice and freeze bananas, blend the frozen pieces into a creamy texture. You can add berries, nuts and even chocolate powder (cocoa) to make different varieties.

Some Healthy Ways To Eat Desserts While On a Diet 2

Avocado based desserts

Avocado (as many of you know) has a very buttery and velvety smooth texture. Therefore, it is a great butter/cream substitute. While on a diet, you can try avocado mousse, which basically has just 3 ingredients. Blitz a ripe avocado, some cocoa powder and a few drops of honey or agave syrup. Chill in the fridge and serve.

Some Healthy Ways To Eat Desserts While On a Diet 3

Dark Chocolate

Just tiny little pieces melting in your mouth, won’t hurt you, Dark chocolate is in fact good for health, just make sure it is of good quality. You can also try the flavored dark chocolates (like chili, as shown) just to keep things interesting.

When there are constraints that one has to work around and healthy desserts is totally my forte. The thing is to think natural and drill into one’s head… no fat and no sugar or, at best, a little sugar substitute. we are not averse to adding some jaggery though because jaggery is sugar before the refined stage and actually has some iron content that is healthy especially in winter.

Some Healthy Ways To Eat Desserts While On a Diet 4

Watermelon sauce over mixed chopped fruits

Blend some large chunks of deseeded watermelon and strain. Now reduce this over high flame till it is halved and chill. Cut strawberries, kiwi, apples and pears into bite sized pieces and mix in a bowl. Drizzle the sauce over the fruit and serve. Delish.

Baked date pancake

Dates are a rich source of iron and with natural sweetness. Unless you are diabetic, a person on a diet would do well to have some dates with their meal. You could cook finely chopped dates with sesame seed to make the filling for the date pancake. Stuff pancakes made with whole wheat and yoghurt with the filling. Bake in a preheated oven and serve with vanilla yoghurt ice cream.


Shrikhand is an Indian sweet made with hung curd. Beat the hung curd till light and fluffy. Add a few strands of saffron and some powdered cardamom. Add powdered Sugar free to taste. Chill and serve. Mouthwateringly amazing.