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Some Healthiest Homemade Indian Dishes

Indian flavor to the tasty and nutritious are. delicious spices play an important role in Indian cuisine. But the thing that spices, the right amount of oil or other material to be used for food preparation. While it has no impact on your body. Well the healthy food, ghee and butter you very spicy, fried food left … but still delicious. This is the first step, you have almost all north Indian and south Indian vegetarian dishes are not outside.

So lets make a list of some healthy Indian dishes which are easy to cook. Any one can cook it at home with minimum ingredients. Some homemade Indian dishes which are really famous in all around Indian which is listed bellow.

Baigan ka Bharta

The grilled eggplant and potatoes steamed and finished with various spices are used. 100 gram serving contains about 102 calories and 5 grams of fat.

Baigan ka Bharta_foodguruz


Spinach or Leafy vegetable

With the help of various leafy vegetables can make a delicious vegetable. One serving of 142gms about 100 calories and 3 grams of protein.

Some Healthiest Homemade Indian Dishes 1



Sprout curry

Sowing is very healthy and it may very easily. Moong, pitcher, chickpeas are a few healthy choices. Greens per gram serving contains about 125 calories and 4 grams of fat

Some Healthiest Homemade Indian Dishes 2




Locally called Lapsi. It is very good choice for breakfast. You can do it with molasses or sugar. It is a rich source of fiber. Whole wheat 170gms per serving porridge consist of about 85 calories.

Some Healthiest Homemade Indian Dishes 3



A south Indian dish, popular everywhere. Various rice, legumes, vegetables and spices are used with wonderful. One serving contains 50 calories, carbohydrates, proteins 2.6gms 15.0gms, and 1.8gms fat.

Some Healthiest Homemade Indian Dishes 4


We guess every Indian delight is healthy in some or the other way if you try and eat them in proper ratio..

being a foodstruck we love trying new delicacies we come across,we love all the lentils,the veggies,the fruits,the spices,the herbs, the leafy veg.. everything.. as each of them has their own nutritional benefits…