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Some Good Food Sources For Protein

Try to get to the heart of the response, though difficult, is because the science of poor nutrition. Depending on what you believe, it is very difficult to answer. In General following are very healthy ways to get protein:

  • Quinoa
  • Beans (especially brown rice complete with bound protein)
  • Eggs. Most nutritionists say you can even have one a day as long as you don’t have cholesterol issues
  • Seitan or other fermented soy products

We all know that protein is very important for maintain our health. For pure vegetarian food lover are searching for some good food source in which they can gain more protein right ? So lets start to make a list of some vegetarian food which are really good source of protein.

Wheatgrass Powder

1.25 grams per 2 tbsp
For only 30 calories does not offer wheatgrass? Even a small dose of fiber, protein, vitamins A and K, folic acid, manganese, iodine, and tons of chlorophyll, to name a few packets. You know you do not need each nutrient; Just know that a single tablespoon, you have to work at peak performance levels. So even if a small number of proteins, you will last longer in the gym.

Some Good Food Sources For Protein 1



2 g per fruit
Studies have shown that many grapes, especially one as powerful weight loss diet has caused. A study in the Journal of Medical Food has found that people who ate one day, half a grapefruit costs despite no change in diet or exercise 3½ pounds lost in 12 weeks. And pair it with green tea, green tea diet in the 17-day. Increase your metabolic compounds, catechizes, known to increase metabolism and the liver’s ability to convert fat into energy speed. Eat this, not that! “The brand new 17-day big breath green tea diet in record time! Test panel to have lost 10 pounds!

Some Good Food Sources For Protein 2


Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

2 g per 2 Tbsp
More than a boost of flavor to a little cocoa powder in your smoothie. One gram of protein for 12 calories, further providing, also to burn fat 4 grams of fiber and manganese minerals needed for muscle decision will give 20% of the daily value.

Some Good Food Sources For Protein 3


Hubbard Squash

2.5 grams per half cup
Big, blue, gnarled squash that comes each fall to increase the metabolism of protein harbors a secret hideout. Once you’ve roasted and salted seeds only delivers 8 grams of protein per ¼ cup, but the flesh of the squash will provide only a few grams. To spice with cinnamon and sweet potato as an alternative. With these 50 ways to explode even more fat to lose 10 pounds fast!

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2.5g per falafel
They look like runaway crabcakes from a cocktail party, but falafels are little balls of chickpeas and herbs that deliver a gram of protein for every 25 calories.


Sweet Peas

3 grams per half cup
Like all phalia, peas are excellent sources of protein. But Sweet Pea, how their own edible pods (also known as scabies all) could get an extra boost from entering. Eat them raw, or a little butter and some sea salt and top with steam, or used in soup recipes. Each gram of protein will consume 15 calories..

Some Good Food Sources For Protein 5


Above we listed most Protein Source foods for vegetarian peoples. There are also many foods available which have rich protein, but all of above we listed is easily available. You should make sure that which food you are eating for protein and how healthy it is, where it is coming from that means it is really fresh or not. If you know some any other protein rich food then you can suggest in comments.