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Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think

Just curiosity, when I find out what a difference that made out of Googled later, I ate some pasta instead of Kit Kat, I discovered that this time of the Kit Kat 165 calories and a bowl of Doha was 190. When you are thinking about eating chocolate then you should consider this: It’s time to munch on chocolate that I am giving you advice, but it’s just the thought that there are some dishes which we think could be very unhealthy, but are not begun. So, here in the form of nine snacks that are unhealthy as you think of a list.

There are many foods which we want to eat, and love to eat, but because of some questions in our mind we try to stay way from it. Do you think that foods are as much unhealthy as you are thinking about that? Let’s take a look at some of the foods that you think they are not healthy for you:


Let’s start with chocolate. We know that chocolate contains cocoa. And Cocoa minerals and polyphenols is rich in some main flavonols. The same compounds found in red wine and green tea are good for your heart. Yes, that means as we are thinking that chocolate is not healthy for our health but this is not correct.

If you have a high cocoa polyphenol content, as content and therefore can try to choose dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has some more healthy benefit that you must find out.


Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think 1


Are you reading this two times right? Pizza is not as much unhealthy as you are thinking about is. You know that that pizza is extremely low on fat. It’s all about choosing pizza, if you are careful while choosing, it can be very nutritious.

You should choose pizza that must contain a whole wheat thin crust, less cheese, lot of chicken and vegetables. Once you try this, you fill like, you will have a healthy meal ready.


Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think 2


Too much of anything is not good, and the cheese can be quite high in calories, so your food grated on top. Something very nutritious, for instance, are cheddar. Calcium, zinc, vitamin B12 is rich in vitamin A, riboflavin, and is a source of folate. You included cheese in your diet in moderation; it can be very healthy.


Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think 3


Before you assume anything, it is clear that I serve popcorn at the movies, the bad news is, they take a bath in salted butter are served before they make. However, if the microwave light and to make it at home, they are rich in fiber and 31 calories per cup as low as is.

Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think 4

Dried Fruit

People say that all the water is taken out of dry fruits and left only the Chinese, but they do not know the Chinese would have been there anyway. It has not been increased. They are vitamins, minerals and fiber are a great source. However, if you are buying them from the market, make sure there is no added sugar.

Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think 5


Again, this is how you cook perfectly and it all depends on what you put into it. Pick a fresh pasta and balance it out lean protein (like chicken or fish), healthy fats (like olive oil), and with plenty of fiber-rich vegetables. So cook as healthy as you can, and that will be a perfect dish for you.




A lot of potatoes and how you cook it matters. For example, purple potatoes without any weight gain hypertensive, obese individuals can lower the blood pressure. They are high in fiber and contain almost no fat. Sweet potatoes are also good for your health. So, instead of loading your potatoes with cheese and bacon, the herbs and vegetables to choose.


Some Foods That Are Not As Unhealthy As You Think 6

So as you can notice here that each food is listed above is not as unhealthy as you are thinking right? It’s all about depends on your cooking technique and how you are preparing all these dishes. Some of the dishes are most favorite of everyone like pizza, pasta, but that will ignore us because of some doubt in our mind.

So now you can prepare your favorite dishes without any doubt. You may include some variations as per your favorite taste.