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Some best pictures of foods

Professional food photographers Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle arrange miniature model train figurines in everyday positions and situations that connect playfully with the fruits, vegetables, pastries and other foods that they use in the photographs.

Although the main purpose of the images was simply to create a series of images that will make people smile, some of them take on issues like global warming and our relationship with nature.

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The perfectly rounded, yellow laddoo is perhaps India’s most popular sweet and the birth of a child or a wedding celebration is incomplete without a box of laddoos.
Mr. Aich’s Laddoo Boy is a child laborer who works in a sweet shop. “He is exploited and abused by the shop owner regularly until one day, he realizes he has superpowers and he becomes a vigilante who fights to protect and get justice for the underdog.”

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India’s favourite snack samosa is a deep-fried savoury pastry with spicy fillings of potatoes, peas, lentils or even meat.
Mr Aich says Samosa Boy is based on the real character of Chotu Lal, “a friend from the eastern state of Bihar who loves samosas so much that he can eat 10 of them in one go”.

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Idli Man is based on the most popular south Indian breakfast snack idli. You check some Best Side Dishes For Idli – Dosa and Appam

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Source : Quora