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Make quality pizza at home

If you are really interested in super-crispy crust, you can try using toppings that you don’t need to cook (or cook them in a pan separately, summer is great for giving you pizza toppings that need minimal cooking), and bake the crust (at your oven’s highest temp) first, then add the toppings once it’s done. Many people likes some side dishes with pizza.
You won’t get the super browned melty delicious cheese with this method, but fresh mozzarella or goat cheese make a great topping this way.

Below are some tips on how to achieve an excellent crust at home

1. Use a stone or a baking steel and let it heat for at least an hour. Most recipes call for 30 minutes of heating, but this is not enough. Even though the surface temperature of the stone might seem hot enough, if it’s not thoroughly heated, the pizza won’t cook as well.

2. Use high gluten flour. If possible, General Mills All Trumps or Pendletons Power brand. These are the flours most commonly used by American pizzerias and will perform well in a home oven. The increased protein (gluten) provides two benefits: a nice, chewy, bready crust, and second, better coloration. 00 Flour is great for high temperature ovens, but it won’t perform well in a home oven.

3. Let your dough rise for at least 24-48 hours. If a recipe calls for 2-3 hours of rise time, it’s less than ideal. Instead, cut down on the amount of yeast and increase the fermentation time. The end-result will be far better.

4. Learn how to properly shape pizza dough. This makes a huge difference. If the desired style is a cracker crust pizza or a flatbread, then it’s acceptable to use a rolling pin. Otherwise, stretch the dough by hand. you can use some youtube video that shows how to do this.

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Delicious pizza is not just one thing.

  • In Chicago, it’s a buttery deep-dish casserole with the sauce above the cheese.
  • In New York, it’s thin and simple.
  • In California, it’s a sweet bread with lots of toppings.
  • In New Haven, it’s thin and simple and a little charred.

So, first you have to decide what’s delicious for you. Then you have to decide whether to make pizza today to eat today, or to make pizza dough today to make pizza in 2-3 days.

Source : Quora