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Indian Street Foods That You Should Try Once in a lifetime

Hello, food lovers!!! We are sure that you are the fan of Street Food right? Actually, every foodie loves street food because it is ready to eat food or drink which are sold in your street. Mostly you will find street food in public areas like the market, in fair, etc. You will see the vendor with a portable stall in Indian street and they are very famous for its cheap and tasty food items.

You can notice that in every city of India you will find the different street food that has their unique taste. Indian Street Food is one of unique food items that you can find in India. You may know that every Indian city has its own specialty of all-time favorite snack.

Street food from different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and much more are quite famous. Each and every city has their special Street Food Recipes, and you will defiantly love to taste. You may also read about Street Food in Delhi. Delhi is very famous for their unique street food. You can read more about Delhi street food in this post: Best 7 Tasty Foods in Delhi.

Let’s discuss various street food in India that is very famous for their unique taste. And you will find special food lover in that particular cities who are ready to taste it anytime.


This is classic and popular Indian snack stuffed with spiced potato peas filling. Samosa is one of the favorite street food for every Indian people and they are ready to taste it anytime. It doesn’t matter from which city he/she belongs to. Wherever you go in India you will get the samosa and you can also find the verities in it. You can find samosa in food street Bangalore.



Chole Bhature

When you are searching for street food in Delhi, you will defiantly find this choel bhature because this is very famous street food dish in Delhi that everyone knows about this. Now a days you can find chole bhature in not only Delhi but you can get this in every city in India. Actually this is Punjabi dish but this is very popular around India.



Pani Puri / Gol Gappa

This is my most favorite chat, not only me but many of us are crazy about this street food. You can find this dish in each and every street of Bombay because this is one of the most famous dish in Mumbai street food.


Indian Street Foods That You Should Try Once in a lifetime 1

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is basically spiced smooth mashed mix vegetables. This dish is served with lightly roasted buttered bread. You will find this street food in most of Indian cities and this is one of the best dish who loves spicy food. In Mumbai street food Pav Bhaji is very common, Mumbai peoples are loved to eat this in at dinner time.



Idli Sambhar

This is most favorite south Indian dish. Not only in south India but you can find Idli Sambhar lover in all over the India. This is mostly breakfast item and served with combination of chutney and sambhar. This is very famous Chennai street food and you can get this in any street of Chennai.




This is most popular street food in Gujarat. Especially in kutch region. You can find Dabeli lovers in street food of Mumbai, Pune, and other cities of India. This is very popular and fantastic spicy snacks item made by boiled potatoes with a special debeli spices and putting the mixture between the pav.




Kachori is most popular in the royal state of India, Rajasthan. Once you will taste it you can say kachori is awesome cuisine and delectable street foods. In Rajasthan Dal Baati is also famous. Bikaneri kachori and popular mirchi bada are most favorite amongst the locals, and found in almost every street shop or stall.

Indian Street Foods That You Should Try Once in a lifetime 2

Here we have listed some of the very popular street food of India. Of course this is not enough list for food lovers. You can find one unique food if you will visit any city of India with unique taste also.
So comment your favorite street food bellow and share with your friends who are food lovers and always searching for something new.