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If You Eat At Restaurant And Then Realize You Forgot Wallet : Tips

Hello Foodies..!! Today we are going to discuss some silly things that I know. I know Intentionally no one want to create this kind of situation. but if some one founds in same situation that you have complete your dinner and occasionally you realize that you have not wallet with you then what should you do?

Let’s discuss some points which really helps in this situations:

    • One of the very simple solutions is Call a friend who can drive to the restaurant and bring along some cash. Mostly this is very simple and possible way to every one.
    • Talk to the restaurant folks and let them understand your situation. They might note down your contact point and let you go so that you can bring cash some time later.

Think about ole’ good barter system. Hey your new Gucci belt looks great!

  • Deposit your expensive watch or some sort of ID with the restaurant as security. Come back later to pay.

If You Eat At Restaurant And Then Realize You Forgot Wallet : Tips 1


  • One thing is Just walk out. Yeah shop lifting. It works more often that you imagine, just be careful not to go to that restaurant again.
  • Create a ruckus. There was a stone piece in your curry. Or you saw waiter spit in your burger. Or the service has been excruciatingly painful. They might apologize, give you a better beach-view seat and put your meal on the house.
  • Talk to the pretty girl sitting on a table next to yours. Be honest with her and ask her to pay for you and promise you’d return cash back to her later. Exchange phone numbers. She would be impressed by your smooth style thinking that you want to get in touch with her later and that is why you’re making this up. Either way, it might work. Shocked ?? But sometimes this work..!!
  • Talk to the pretty girl sitting on a table next to yours. Charm her using your mesmerizing knowledge. Call this lunch as your first date – and then let her pay. This is another shocking way lol.. !!
  • Go to the wash room, crouch behind the door. As soon as the next person walks in, grab him by his hands and beat him to submission. Threaten to hurt him unless he gives you 19 bucks, for your bill.
  • Pretend to read your phone then get up suddenly and shout – “There is a bomb in here, run everybody”. Let the stampede begin. Then scoot away. 🙂
  • Put your hands on your chest right above your heart and shriek painfully. Then pretend to go unconscious. People would think you’ve just had a cardiac arrest and would take you to a medical facility. Wake up there a couple of hours later and go back to your home.

I know some of above solution is very funny and might not be work. but If you are lucky then some silly solutions will also get worked. but its all about your intention. if you intention is in right way then you will get a solution but if you are not willing to pay then there is no solutions.

Source : Quora