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Ice Cream Flavors From Your Country Cannot be Found in US

Every people loves ice cream right ? And every one have different choice about ice cream flavors. When we are talking about country specific ice flavors then many ice cream flavors specially in india are not available in other countries like USA. There are also different brands available in india which are really famous for their ice cream.
so lets discuss some of ice cream flavors which are really nice and it is difficult to find in usa.

Kesar (Kesar/Pista) flavoured ice cream

Kesar Pista ice cream is most popular in India. Kesar basically means saffron, so it has that saffron-y tinge, along with the creamy texture. Sometimes it is added with a zing of Pistachio too.

Litchi Flavoured Ice Cream

This is a very mild flavour, almost like vanilla, with just intermittent dashes of litchi. it is also helps in weight loss and if you are planning for diet then this ice cream flavors you should know.
Litchi Flavoured Ice
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Rabri ice cream

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More than Ice Cream, it is like a frozen dessert, so I don’t know if it technically qualifies, yumm, whatsoever.

Green Chili Ice-cream

Green Chili Ice-cream? Yes, its available at various places in India. Though rare. Following is pic from a vendor in Madurai city. (More wacky? Right after this image)

Fried Ice cream

Fried ice cream is a dessert made from a breaded scoop of ice cream that is quickly deep-fried creating a warm, crispy shell around the still-cold ice cream. Fried Ice cream! (Ice cream Pakora) with egg or without. This is again a rarity, but growing variety nowadays in India.

Pani Puri Sorbet

Yes, you heard that right. Pani Puri Sorbet, which takes that delicious Indian street snack to a whole other level of fab. The flattish crisp puris (more like the ones used in sev puri) come with a creamy potato mousse which you can top with a dollop of the tangy and cold ‘pani’ ice-cream and pop the whole into your mouth.