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Ice cream can be served different ways not only in cup or a cone

Normally we have seen ice-cream is served in a cup or cone right? but do you know something new? ice-cream can be served in other different ways… there are some cool things that you might be not seen. you will really shocked..!! you will really enjoyed to see all these new ideas….
There are different styles of Ice Cream Flavors From Your Country Cannot be Found in US
Let see some Japanese and American ways to serve ice-cream in different ways:


Deep fried ice cream: A ball of ice cream dipped in tempura batter, or coated with egg and flour and breadcrumbs, and deep fried.



In a molded thin wafer shell.

Yukimi daifuku:

In a mochi (pounded rice) dough, with sweet bean filling.

On a sweet crepe:

Hear is some American styles:

On pie, as pie a la mode.

Molded, on its own or on a stick: (Marilyn face mold optional)

Souce : Quoa