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Healthy Treats For Kids Of All Ages

It is quite understandable that in the present date we all are savvy to fast food all around the globe.  You may belong to any age group but your craving for yummy fast food is very evident, especially those who are kids or in their teenage years have a special liking for these types of food.  Now it is a valid question that whether these fast foods carry any health benefits or not?

Today we try to look into some of the best homemade healthy treats that can make all go crazy with its taste for kids of all age groups.

Veggie Wraps

Veggie Wraps_foodguruzVegetables do have a lot to do in enriching our energy supply and also provides a wholesome diet for any time of the day. So anything made out of it can really be fun and tasty.  A whole wheat chapatti wrap with different types of veggies that contains tomatoes, beans, onion, peas and other veggies of liking along with potato stuff and can really be a good idea for any time. 

Rolled and wrapped attractively can make everyone go for it in no time.  This is not only healthy and tasty but also has high nutritive values also.

Fruit salads with ice-cream

FRUIT-SALAD-WITH-ICE-CREAMWe all love to have ice-cream whatever may be the season, especially kids.  So to make things tastier, healthy and nutritive we can always try different ideas to go with it.  We can try fruit salads with ice-cream so that not only we get the best out of the fruits but also taste our favourite flavoured ice-cream in a different way.  You can take apples, oranges, grapes, pomegranate and different fruits (as per liking) and cut them into short pieces. 

We can add cashew nuts, milk, honey to enrich the taste of the milk and finally our favourite ice-cream to make the bowl more delicious.

Bread roll spicy

Bread roll spicy_foodguruzTrying bread rolls in a spicy way can be another good idea to get something great for your kids both in terms of health and taste. You can easily make them in your home and it requires a minimum time to cook.  You just need to cut the pieces of bread into plain pieces removing the edges of the bread.  Then according to your likings, you can make a stuffing that suites you better either with vegetables, mashed potatoes or shred chicken. 

You need to stuff them inside the bread and fry to enjoy the dish.  You can make it spicy as per your requirement.


Sandwiches_foodguruzThe sandwich is by far the most trusted recipe that everybody relies on when feeling hungry very badly.  There are different types of sandwiches that are today available to tame your hunger in just a few minutes.  Now trying cheese sandwich along with corn can really be good wholesome food that has all nutritive values in it especially if you are a pure veggie. 

You can really add an extra layer of cheese along with meat and chicken as per your preference if you like non-veggie stuff.  This wholesome yet tasty recipe can be definitely used for your child’s health treatment.



Popcorns_foodguruz_foodThough popcorns are little underrated in preferences and only tried on a time pass basis, popcorn itself has a high nutritional value of its own.  It is extremely easy to make and is extremely tasty and really can be ready on your plate within a couple of minute’s time.  To add to its nutritive value you can easily try out your popcorns with a hint of butter in it to add to its taste.  As it is made up of whole grain full of vitamins and minerals added, it is always recommended that you can take them on a regular basis as well. You can check the results online from fresh hiring.

Eggs with veggies

Eggs with veggiesEggs and veggies go very well.  Both of them have high nutritional values and are liked by different group ages.  Scrambled eggs in conjunction with vegetable soup or boiled vegetables can work wonders for your child.  High in protein and carbohydrates, you can easily make out different types of dishes injunction to these elements.  This recipe is very good for breakfast and thus keeps your child healthy and full of energy for the rest of the day. So next time you look for something whole and nutritive think about this recipe.