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Some Gujarati Dishes That Everyone Should Try

Gujarati Peoples and foods are two sides of same coin right ? And why should not it be? Every Gujarati peoples are loves to eat different dishes and also loves to cook some delicious dishes, Not only dishes but we should say countless delicious dishes are cooked by gujarati people that every one loves to eat.

All vegetarian peoples mostly likes gujarati dishes. Because gujarati peoples are vegetarian, not all of gujarati peoples are vegetarian but mostly they are. And gujarati dishes are mostly vegetarian dishes.

Lets discuss some of Yummy Gujarati Dishes that every food lovers should try at least one in life.


Soft and spongy dhoklas just cannot be missed while we are talking about gujarati dishes. Dhokla are very famous gujarati dishes that you might be aware with that name. If you are gujarati then you might be know that Dhokala is not only a single type, I mean to say there are many different types of dhokala available in Gujarat.

Some Gujarati Dishes That Everyone Should Try 1



Khaman is different than Dhokla. Its puffy, soft and sometimes dripping with sweet juice. Sometimes its also called Khaman Dhokala. Specially in gujarat, mostly two varieties of khaman is very famous First one is Surati Khaman and another is ahmedabadi Khaman. Guajrati people also takes it as a snack. We can say Khaman is popular street food in Gujarat.



Vanela Ganthiya

We cant explain what it is in English. To get its real taste try any road side dhaba or restaurant. If you want to try its real taste of Vanela Gathiya then you should go to Rajkot, you will get real taste of gathiya, we should say Vanela Gathiya. There are also different type of gathiya available in gujarat but Vanela Gathiya is very special for gujarati people. Mostly they takes this at late night or in Morning Breakfast. You may also love to see check Breakfast around the India.

Some Gujarati Dishes That Everyone Should Try 2



Bhajiya is another very famous item of Gujarat, specially in saurastra. Bhajiya is very common street food in gujarat and it is available in wide range of varieties. Mostly it is spicy gujarati food, so who loves spicy taste they should try this at least once. it can be easy to cooked and also very quick to serve. Bhajiya is served with green chatni as well as khajur chatni.

Some Gujarati Dishes That Everyone Should Try 3


Above are very common gujarati food items that mostly food lovers knows. There are many other delicious gujarati dishes not mention above. But when you try that then you are surly loved it. some of them are fafada, bajri no rotalo, khajli, khandvi etc..

There are also some very famous sweet items that peoples loves. but we will write a special article for other gujarati items latter. if you know any other famous gujarati dishes then you can write in your comments.