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Some Go-To Dishes For Too Tired To Cook Night

Title is complex right ? but today we are going to discuss some dishes which are “too tired to cook night”… But think about situations.. its late night and you want to actually you have to cook something, then what you will do ? what you will cook?

lets discuss some of the dishes which can be cooked at same situations.

Take a packet of instant ramen. Heat up a pot of water on the stove. Throw in whatever ready to go fixings in – greens, dehydrated mushrooms, etc. Crack a raw egg and let it poach to medium.
Carefully insert ramen brick into the pot. Be careful to not break the yolk. Fire off. Let rest for a couple of minutes.


Some Go-To Dishes For Too Tired To Cook Night 1

One more we can cooked is either fried rice, or veggie egg soup.

Fried rice

Although it may look like a lot of effort, it actually takes only 5 minutes. You need some leftover rice (which is a perpetual item in my fridge), any vegetables, any meat (or not), eggs. I usually just chop up the veggies and meat (2 minutes), fry the rice, add the meat and veggies, and an egg. Some soy sauce, or any spicy sauce you like, and there you have it. I can never get tired of it. I have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whenever I am too tired to cook.

Some Go-To Dishes For Too Tired To Cook Night 2


Veggie Egg Soup

Sometimes We make a soup. It contains two essential ingredients – spinach and eggs. Bring the water to a boil, add the spinach (no need to chop), once it’s simmering, add the whisked eggs. It’s especially good for a cold winter night. The spinach can be substituted by any other vegetables. I mostly make a tomato egg soup.

Some Go-To Dishes For Too Tired To Cook Night 3

Breakfast sandwich

A breakfast sandwich for breakfast sounds as strange as being, because to make it 1-2 eggs for cooking is quite easy and fast is super fast. Additionally if we add any veggies to my sandwich, such as, cucumbers, tomatoes, or bell pepper, we’ll simply chop them up while I cook the eggs (sunny-side up). Then we quickly assemble the sandwich ones the toast is done because generally the eggs and vegetables are cut and cooked by the time the toast is done. We like to add a swipe of mustard or chipotle sauce on my sandwich before adding anything else and voila… Sandwich is complete!

Some Go-To Dishes For Too Tired To Cook Night 4

Sauteed Brussels Sprout Salad

We all like to chop up brussels sprouts and cook it with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, quickly chopped green onions, turkey bacon, olive oil, and turkey bacon. Oh, and don’t forget salt and pepper to taste! One generally drop everything off into the pan quickly and it usually takes less then 10 minutes to cook!

Some Go-To Dishes For Too Tired To Cook Night 5