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Best Foods That Can Be Stored In Your Hostel Rooms

In hostel rooms we have to store food which stays longer than it would be that food which has less or no water content in it. Well to start with some of the commonly available snacks like rice flakes, puffed rice and roasted bengal gram to name a few are highly nutritious and can definitely quench your hunger without adding more calories.

Other healthy options can include roasted peanuts and almonds, but their calorie content is quite high, hence you need to restrict the quantity. Dried fruits like raisins, dates and apricots can be added to your regular breakfast cereals. It not only adds taste and flavor to your food, but they are highly nutritious too. Some times, even pop corn can serve as a good snack. We also try to get list about healthy dorm food.

Let me mention a few snacks which is used to stored in hostel rooms or we can say that dorm dishes :

Sun dried poha(avalakki)

It is easy and crunchy evening snacks. Very simple yet delicious chivda prepared with Sun dried beaten rice / poha. Dry the poha under Sun for three or four days till crisp and temper it. Your delectable chivda will be ready within few minutes.

Fried poha

It is made with beaten rice or rice flakes (called aval, poha, avalakki, chivra in Indian languages). Chivda is a general term given to a dry spicy mixture. There are many kinds of chivda. Thin poha chivda. Thick poha chivda. Corn flakes chivda. Any of theme can be stored in hostel rooms. it is very popular in every age peoples.



Nippattu is a very spicy, crunchy and tasty snack. There are many variations of Nippatu recipes from family to family. It can be easily available in any local bakery.

Puffed rice(mandakki/mandala/churmuri)

Mandakki or Churmuri or puffed rice is loved all people. It is used to prepare various dishes depending upon the individual taste. Mandakki recipees are very easy to prepare and consumes very less time. It makes for a very quick and tasty snack. Mandakki is a preparation of full satiety value but less calorific value.


Chakkli, kodubale

Chakli is a savoury snack from India. It is a spiral shaped, pretzel-like snack with a spiked surface. Chakli is typically made from flours of rice, bengal gram (chickpea) and black gram (udad daal). It has several variations, depending on the types and proportion of flours used.

There are many dorm room essentials. but when you are in hostel it has some limitation so we are trying to collect some easy snacks which are available easily. so above mentions are really good snacks for students.