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Famous Sweets And Snacks Of Indian States

Indian people are crazy about foods. There are different stats in india and each of these stats have different famous sweets and snacks. When we are finding some of the famous food of indian stats then we can make a big list of that. Indian stats have many varieties of foods available.
Lets make a list about some famous sweets and snacks all over in India:


Srivilliputtur is famous for Palkova (Milk sweet). Palkova is made from boiling milk with sugar and is essentially sweetened condensed milk. Legend says Palkova comes from a Haryana family settled here making the sweet from old times. Palkova is available in and around Srivilliputtur. Alternatively there is also a similar sweet named Paal halwa. But, I don’t know the difference.

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Tirunelveli is famous for Halwa and that too halwa from Iruttu kadai (means dark shop). The shop is situated near Nellaiyapar temple. It is at East Car St, Thirunagar, Tirunelveli. Hot and Ghee-ful


Adhirasam is similar to a Vadai in shape but its a sweet. Its the usual diwali sweet in Tamil Nadu and also served in many of the temple sweet stall. Made using jaggery.


Paniyaaram comes from ‘Chettinaadu’ cuisine which is famous in Tamil Nadu. It is available in two varieties Sweet Paniyaaram and Kaara Paniyaaram. Visit places around Karaikudi to taste Paniyaarams. Made using palm sugar or jaggery.


Sweet Seeyam

Seeyam is made from dal and sugar balls coated with rice and urad dal batter and fried in oil. Best bet is to check for seeyam in Boli stalls at Chennai.

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Paal -Milk Bun

Available around Madurai and neighboring places mostly south Tamil Nadu, Paal Bun is a delicious snack sold at tea stalls. This is my favorite snack too. Its the equivalent of glazed donuts, that are available in the US, but harder than the Donuts.


Rava Ladoo

Made with Semolina, cashews, milk and cardamoms. Its also a diwali sweet. Though its available in the shops, best is the homemade ones.


Above we have try to make list some of famous indian snacks and sweets. There many others snacks are available in indian states. Indian people believes in different religious. so they have many different dishes in different states. and each of that is very popular at particular state as well as all around in India. so if you have any other famous item of your state you can make a comments.