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Cheapest possible diet in India with reasonably balanced nutrition

Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy diet is the need of the body. As the elders say, our body is like a temple and should be always maintained clean. Pure mind, pure soul, and pure body- This is achieved only through balanced exercise and diet. Though exercise comes the second priority, healthy food should always be the first priority for a healthy body. So  are you looking for a healthy diet in India bear with us we are going to share something awesome today!

Cheapest possible diet in India

A healthy diet is all about taking the right amount of nutrition. Until you get your nutrition right nothing is going to change. Taking care of the right amount of nutrition sometimes takes a toll on the mind, as figuring out on what to eat becomes a headache. Going through so many searches and all the websites suggesting a variety of food for a healthy diet sometimes doesn’t come in a pocket-friendly budget. Diet starts looking like such a fancy and expensive word.

This article deals with eating all the right amount of nutritious food under a controlled budget. Mostly for college students and working professionals who want to minimize their expenses without sacrificing health much. Check out the few cheapest healthy diets mentioned below for reasonably balanced nutrition.

Indian Diet Food

1. Oatmeal

Why you should add this power food to your diet?
“Oatmeal is a pretty underutilized food and has, unfortunately, become less and less popular in the Indian diet, yet it maintains a very cheap price tag loaded with benefits,”
When we are talking about diet in India, This quick and healthy breakfast food staple is a whole grain powerhouse that packs plenty of nutritional value for our health. Though oatmeal may look like a boring ingredient,you can always add some fruits and honey and have them together in breakfast. Adding oatmeal to your diet will make you feel light for the rest of your day and look good too. It’s time to soak your oats and reap the benefits

  • Prevent diabetes
  • Boosts energy
  • Support weight loss
  • Protects skin

Indian Diet food diet in inda


2. Brown rice

Brown rice is one of the healthiest food in the world and is highly nutritious grain too and also a good diet in India.  If you are someone who takes a high intake of white rice on a daily basis then all you need to do is switch from white rice to brown rice. You can always try out various recipes available which include brown rice as a whole.

Brown rice is a whole grain that is relatively low in calories (216 calories per cup), high in fiber, gluten-free, and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B6, and an excellent source of manganese, with 88 percent of your daily manganese in just one cup cooked.”

Cheapest possible diet in India with reasonably balanced nutrition 1


3. Bajra ( millet) :

If you ever ask about the healthiest food being eaten ages back, then your grandma would have told you about millet. Millet can be eaten in hundreds of different ways. In fact, in earlier days wheat was so costly that people always preferred bajra over wheat. Bajra is one of the most common grains consumed widely in rural India and is often referred to as the poor man’s staple food. While it is one of the oldest grains cultivated by man, people living in urban cities seem to have forgotten this coarse grain and its multiple health benefits. They say if you want to cut down your weight drastically then start adding bajra in your everyday meal.

Checkout multiple benefits of millet:

  • Good source of energy
  • Prevent cancer
  • Promotes heart health
  • Helps digestion
  • Cuts down risk of diabetics


Cheapest possible diet in India with reasonably balanced nutrition 2




4. Sweet Potato

We haven’t really discovered the taste and importance of sweet potato in India. Sweet potato is one of the healthiest and cheapest food easily available in the market.
Not only do they taste like dessert, but they provide some surprising health benefits. Many of us think about sweet potatoes as being nothing more than plain old potatoes that can tweak our taste buds with some extra flavor.
There are a surprising number of nutrient categories responsible for the health benefits of this underappreciated tuber. Among these categories are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and blood sugar-regulating nutrients. Each category brings with it valuable health benefits.

There are so many recipes that you can experiment with sweet potato. It can be included in every meal from breakfast to lunch to dinner and in the desert too. All you need to do it replace the normal potato with sweet potato and just wait for the changes in your body.

  • sweet potato diet in india


5. Bitter Gourd(Karela)

Not many would love bitter gourd because of its taste but I suggest not ignore its health benefits. Bitter gourd is easily available in the market and the cheapest too. There are so many recipes available for bitter gourd if you give it a try.

Check out some of the health benefits of karela:

  • Rich in antioxidants-helps in increasing metabolic rate of the body.
  • Increases Digestion rate
  • Detoxifying agent
  • Cleanses liver impurities

Want more benefits? then eat this vegetable for a trouble-free digestion.


Bitter Gourd one of the diet food


6. Banana

Banana is an economical and versatile fruit that is easy to find in any supermarket around the world. You can also say this is protein diet food because it gives you enough protein.

Aside from being inexpensive and delicious, the fruit also provides many important nutrients, such as vitamins (A, B6, C), magnesium, and potassium, that can help prevent diseases and keep your body healthy.
Apart from that, banana is also rich in fiber content and natural sugars, like sucrose, fructose, and glucose, making it a great source of energy and easily digested fruit. You may hear many times about banana nutrition.

Banana can be a great companion with any fruit and people love all kinds of shakes that include banana.


banana nutrition



7. Salads(carrot, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, cabbage)


Whenever talking about dieting the first thing that comes to our mind is salad and fruits. Salads having these ingredients make a great combination. We are well aware of how easily these ingredients are available in the market and the cheapest too. While talking about the health benefits, all of these have

  • High nutrients
  • Promotes hydration
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps in low blood sugar
  • Keeps your digestion going strong
  • Helps regulate diabetes
  • Helps in strengthen your bones
  • For the good count of hemoglobin in the blood(especially beetroot)

Salads a healthy diet food

Try checking out various recipes for salads otherwise eating just raw vegetables can be boring at times. They can be eaten raw and you would love the taste if tried with other raw ingredients like honey, mint, lemon, and other masalas too.



 8. Foxnut(Makhana)


Chilling mode on for all: watching Netflix? or bored and wanna snack something healthy, make makhana. Your best friend and healthier than popcorn. Makhana is easily available in the market and cheaper too. and also check out The 1200 Calorie Indian Meal Diet Plan For Weight Loss that will help you to prepare your diet plan.

Check out the health benefits below:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved heart health
  • Improved bone strength
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Detox agents
  • Better digestive health
  • Improved cognitive functions.



For all the above-mentioned diet foods, we are coming up soon with the varieties of recipes for you all. This is just to make dieting fun and stress-free. We will try making recipes with each ingredient and if you love them then we can move further.