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Best Happy Holi foods that you will love to try on this Colorful Holi festival

Indian festival is all about rituals, colors and food. and when we talk about Holi the festival colors and food. In fact, there are some dishes which are part of the celebrations since ages and are considered synonymous with the festival. Holi is incomplete for the traditional dishes.

Different regions have different local ways of celebrations, India together on this festive occasion is their appetite for great food. A complete guide to eat and drink during Holi. Holi is a Hindu spring festival, originating from the Indian subcontinent, celebrated predominantly in india and Nepal, Month of Phalgun, which falls somewhere between the end of February and the middle of march in the Gregorian calendar.

The first evening is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi and the following day as Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti. In recent years the festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colors.


Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika Dahan where people gather, perform religious rituals in front of the bonfire,and pray that their internal evil be destroyed the way Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu  was killed the fire.the next morning is celebrated as Rangwali Holi a free for all festival of colours where people smear each other with colors and drench each other.Water guns and water filled balloons are also used to play and colour each other.Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, a rich or poor man or woman, children and elders.

The frolic and fight with colors occur in the open streets, open parks, outside temples and buildings..Groups carry drums and other musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance. People visit family, friends, and foes to throw colored powders on each other, laugh and gossip, then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks.


Have a look for Holi food items and dishes

Celebrate Holi festival with traditional foods and drinks, including sweet spiced milk and buttery flatbread. The Hindu religious festival Holi is all about color.

Dahi Wada

The vada in this snack is a flour ball that has been deep fried. This Holi food is served in a thick yogurt and topped with savory herbs and flavorings such as chili powder, black pepper or mint.



The malpuva is one of the great holi food similar to a pancake. Its batter includes crushed banana, coconut, flour, and milk, while cardamom provides a little flavor. There are also varieties made with mango or pineapple.


These little dumplings look mini Cornish pasties. However, they are sweet and made with maida flour, dried fruits or coconut.



One of the more interesting drinks. Cannabis plants are crushed into a pulp then combined with milk, refined butter, mango, and spices. Not surprisingly bhaang is enjoyed for its liberating effects.


These fried fritters originated in India. But they are now common across the region. They are made with a light batter similar to onion bhajis. spinach, potato, cheese or other vegetables.


Barfi is small treats that are made with condensed milk, sugar and ground nuts or flour. They are cooked until solidified, usually giving a dense sweet layer.



Also knows as kheer in some part of the region. This dish can be mani meal or a desert. It depends on whether or not has been sweetened. Phirni is essentially a rice pudding made with rice. which has been cooked with milk and sugar.



Originating in the south of in India. Puran Poli is a sweet flatbread. Puran Poli may also contain cardamom and sometimes nutmeg too. During holi we really want to enjoy puran poli.


Puran poli

Originating in the south of in India. Puran Poli is a sweet flatbread. Puran Poli may also contain cardamom and sometimes nutmeg too. During holi we really want to enjoy puran poli.


Papri chaat

This popular fast food favorite from northern India is common during the festival.A popular Holi food made with crispy Gough wafers served with chickpens and boiled potatoes. Many cities will have stalls and carts selling this tasty dish.

paparichat on holi

Chana Mashala

Made with the chickpea variety knows as chana. This dish is common in the west and north of India.This chickpea are cooked dry with a range of masala spices,along with dried mango powder and crushed pomegranate seeds for flavour.

chana msala holi dish

Shakkar Paare

This popular Holi food are small deep-fried wheat flour parcels converted in a sugar syrup to add the sweetness.


Besan Papdi

A savory treat that is similar in texture to a mini poppadum, these snacks have a spicy kick that is provided by chili powder and black pepper. Besan papdi are ideal for parties and to enterain guests during the Holi festival.