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Best Food Program for Math and Engineering Students

In Student life, Well, you need a generally healthy body. You need a lot of water and healthy protein and sugar. Eat a lot of lean meats, fish and a lot of vegetables. Stay away from anything that causes rapid shifts in your insulin levels like too much sweets, fuzzy drinks, fast food, white bread and such.

Eat all kinds of nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, anything unless you’re allergic to them. Aside from the healthy eating create a good sleeping pattern, try to go to bed and get up at around the same time, you’ll notice that you’re able to sustein focus for longer periods of time like this.

Lets list out some tips for best food program for students:

  • Never skip your breakfast. If you are from south of india, try dosa, idly or something like that. Since, our body is fasting for 8-9 hours, 30% intake of your daily nourishment should come from breakfast. It’s better to avoid bread (since it contains only maida), wheat bread and corn flakes. Drink two glasses of water (hot preferably) after breakfast.
  • In between breakfast and lunch, you can have few almonds, cashews. This is a proven method which can satiate your appetite in the initial days if you are a person with big apetite who wishes to reduce weight.
  • Add variety to your lunch. Rotate the veggies between green to ground based. Take spinach as much as you can. You can have at the maximum 3 cups of rice, a roti and some greens. It’s better to avoid butter and curd for lunch since you might doze off during classes if you are a student. Drink two glasses of water.
  • Avoid coffee, tea etc. You can choose green tea but if you are a person who is addicted to caffine, its okay to sip a cup of coffee or tea every couple of days. Biscuits can go with it.
  • Take only 20% of your intake during dinner. Eat roti, dhal anything you like except rice. A glass of butter milk should reduce the body heat. Drink two glasses of water.

Note – 1:

You must strictly avoid – french fries, aerated drinks (Coke, soda, Pepsi etc), fried foods (lays, kurkure etc), frequently drinking alcohol, overdosage of butter and cheese.

Note – 2:

Consuming junk food every 20 days is sort of fine. What is the purpose of having these fast food joints. Lol.

Note – 3:

Arguably the important note of all. Do fitness. Set your jogging distance as 2k,3k,4k,5k,break,7k,break from Monday to Sunday. Do regular abs training like crunches and sit ups. This is the fitness program I have been following for over a month now. I have reduced my body weight down by 3 kgs.