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10 Korean Street Food Items You Need On Your Streets Immediately

What do you think about street food? can you explain properly what is street food? I think no… because it does not have any perfect sentence about street food right ? But we can say that Street food is exactly what the words conjure up: food available in a public place, such as from a vendor on a street. And so much more! Typically, street food is tasty, ready-to-eat food or drink sold on the street, in a market, fair, park or other public place. It is sold by a hawker or vendor from a portable stall, cart or food truck.

When we are talking about street food history, The term probably came from America, where for several years the food truck craze has been steadily growing into a sizable industry. Many of the UK’s first street food traders took inspiration from the American food trucks for the food they serve, cooking methods, marketing (especially social media) and to a degree attitude.

Today we are going to discuss about South Korean street food and we knows that South Korea is full of such gems. What’s more, you ask me? Their street food! Let me give you some of the street food that South Korean peoples loves.!!

1. Tornado Potato

Tornado Potato — one of a kind, spiral-cut potato that could be imitated, but never duplicated The key to our powerful product is freshness. Tornado Potatoes is totally Tasmanian owned and operated. You can already enjoy this at a stall in Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai if you have the luck to go there. Spiral Potato/Tornado Fries. For a healthier way to make, instead of deep frying, dunk them in egg whites and bake on a cookie sheet for 30-35 min’s at 450.

2. Goldfish Bread

it’s a crispy outside, hot, fish shaped bread in the shape of a fish, with a red bean filling. In Korean, a “bungeo” is a crucian carp, which looks like a big goldfish. And “ppang” is the Korean word for bread. They sell them all over the Korea in the streets, and they’re very cheap.


3. French Fry-covered Hot Dogs

One thing that struck me about finding the French fry coated hot dog on a stick in South Korea was that they were doing it wrong, the sort of cultural misunderstanding that happens when one culture cooks the food of an unrelated and unattached culture and then impales said food on a wooden stick. The hot dog on a stick wasn’t coated in real American fries but chunks of potato and secondly, the hot dog batter was wheat flour rather than a more American corn dog batter.

4. Spicy Rice Cakes

Spicy Korean rice cakes are not only anyone personal favorite; it is perhaps all Korean people’s favorite as well. Most local Koreans grow up eating these rice cakes. It is a nostalgic comfort food for any Korean. There are many ways to prepare this dish, and many people have their secret way to flavor the sauce.

5. Fish Cakes

The one time you actually make vegetarians jealous of what you can eat. Bright, bold and richly flavored, these are not your typical fish cakes. That flavor is layered into every step: the fish is browned with some garlic, and both are mixed with mashed potatoes along with vibrant herbs, green chile and fragrant lime zest.

6. Poo bread

Yeah, you read it right! It is very different as its name. But when you have a chance you should try it once.

7. Narcotic rice rolls

Nothing narcotic about it except, you’ll get addicted to it. Mayak gimbap literally translates into “narcotic gimbap.” No, it does not have any special substance in it. It’s just highly addictive, hence the name. This child-size gimbap (or kimbap) is called ggoma gimbap because of its small size. Ggoma means a little one or little kid in Korean. It’s also known as mayak gimbap.

8. Egg Bread

It’s so delicious when the bread is fresh from the oven. it simply means egg bread and that’s what it is. It’s a famous snack that you can find quite easily in Korea.

9. Korean Ice Cream Cone

Korean Ice Cream Cone, it is really amazing when you see that in their local street food. because when you see it first time you will shocked because of its size. normally we can think ice cream cone size is average right ? but in korean street you will very large size.

10. Cup toast

Egg toasts are sold by street stall vendors in Korea to cater for those in a hurry. Koreans usually have a hot breakfast of rice, soup, kimchi and side dishes. It is a kind of toast that I’ve been craving. There are many places in Korea that sell this delicious sandwich, especially in the morning. This is popular in Korea because the bread, egg, and vegetables can give you enough nutrition to start the day and the taste is so good.